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Mission Statement

The Arkansas Trails Council provides a unifying voice for the trails community across Arkansas. It brings together people and resources with an interest in the development, expansion, use, and maintenance of trails in Arkansas. The Trails Council provides a public forum for members of the trails community and serves as an organized voice for trails advocacy within the state. The Trails Council promotes trails awareness, trail usage, and trail education within the population in general and is a proactive advocate for development and use of trails in Arkansas.

The Arkansas Trails Council is concerned with trails regardless of user group (e.g., foot trails, bicycle trails, equestrian trails, water trails, off road vehicle trails, or multi-purpose trails) or primary purpose (e.g., recreation, health / exercise, watchable wildlife, history).

  • How was the Arkansas Trails System/Arkansas Trails Council formed?
    Legislative Act 132-1979-474 was passed to create the Arkansas Trails System,” An act to create the Arkansas Trails System forthe purpose of recognizing outstanding trails in Arkansas and to encourage coordinated development and maintenance of high quality trails in Arkansas; to recognize the Arkansas Trails Council as a voluntary cooperative organization of state, federal and local agencies, private land owners, and trail users to oversee this system in cooperation with the Arkansas Department of Parks and Tourism , Parks Division; and for other purposes.”
  • What is the Arkansas Trails System?
    A statewide trail system list that is administered by the Arkansas Trails Council. This administration includes: 1) coordinating trail development between state, federal, county, municipal, and private entities; 2) development of a wide variety of trail types to provide maximum trail opportunities for the citizens of Arkansas; 3) encourage development of trails in or near population centers; 4) provide technical assistance for trail development and maintenance; 5) provide information about Arkansas trails.
  • What is the Arkansas Trails Council?
    It is an advisory body of volunteers open to all state and federal agencies, local governments, public and private utility companies, private land owners, and trail users with an interest in or potential for trail development. Its goal is to inform the above agencies and persons of public need, use, ongoing and planned trail development and to provide a public forum for discussion of trail related issues
  • How do you become a member of the Arkansas Trails Council?
    Representatives or individuals shall become voting members of the council upon attending their second consecutive council meeting. All persons requesting information about the council and its meetings can be placed on a mailing and email list.
  • Where are the Arkansas Trails Council meetings held?
    The meetings are held at a location in the central section of the state to facilitate access by as many interested participants as possible. The council bylaws allow for meetings to be held at special locations when acceptacle to members. The meeting place and date are announced in the council newsletter and posted on the council website.

Officers and Committees

2024 Arkansas Trails Council Officers

Executive Secretary:  Vacant

Chair: Toby Von Rembow

Vice Chair: Traci Berry

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