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Arkansas Trails System

The Arkansas Trails System is defined by the “Arkansas Trails System Act” of 1979 and maintained by the Arkansas Trails Council. The Arkansas Trails Council has further defined the Arkansas Trails System as a compilation of trail data from all managing agencies about trails in Arkansas. The list is intended to:


  • Reflect the wide diversity of trail experiences in Arkansas

  • Provide a resource to Arkansas trail users to find data on Arkansas Trails

  • Serve as an attraction to draw trail users across the country to come to Arkansas for an exceptional trail experience

  • Identify a representative list of some of the most attractive trails in Arkansas


The Natural State has an abundance of trails that satisfy a variety of interests for a wide range of trail user groups. Trails are available in each of the state’s geologic regions. These trails are maintained by several federal agencies, the state and municipalities. They include trails for enjoying scenic highlights, backcountry/wilderness, history or urban parks. Trails range from less than one mile to 223 miles in length and offer a broad range of difficulty. Trails offer outdoor opportunities for walkers, runners, hikers, backpackers, bicyclists, mountain bikers, canoeists/kayakers, ATVers and other off-road vehiclists. Information and access to these trails is in numerous locations available to trail users. Principal trails databases are listed here, and these sources may include further references to additional resources for the user.

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